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About Foxy Finish

Don't just tone your body!  Feel alive in it; the one you're in now.  Don't repress, practice expressing your inner Cleopatra!  


let yourself feel good.  enjoy the experience.

Foxy Finish programs enter the realm of feminine finesse, swagger, and sourcing one's inner courage to explore self expression, to put a deeper finish on all other makeovers and body transformations. You will embrace your personal rhythm, find your authentic strut, and face your personal fears to reveal yourself. 
Foxy Finish is designed to foster insights, perspective, and mannerisms, encourage a more confident presence, for any situation, at home, at work, on the town or onstage. Celebrate your body, beauty and how you want to feel, cultivate deeper doses of inner sexy. Amplify nights out with a sweetheart or with best friends.
The body is a reflection of our habits, experiences, personality and expression. Being sexy hot is about how flirty invincible carefree you feel and how you enjoy yourself, that produces the heat that matters.  Sexy is the relaxed, confident, in-your-body feeling, naked or clothed, no matter the situation.  It's when you are 'in your element' aka 'in the zone' anywhere you and your body are. Sexy is 
never about your shape or imperfections.  If you've never had that good feeling, we are proud to help you experience it.
Tap your authentic mojo, put bounce in your stride, embrace your inner badass, feel alive inside out, amplify your sexy essence. To feel and experience mojo empowerment is why Foxy Finish was developed.