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Expression Coaching

Feel alive in your body; the one you're in today... then bust out your inner Cleopatra!


get real.  get over it.  

So you want to 'get over' some think-heavy hang-ups.  Get past self-limiting behaviors and perceptions.  Amplify how you see yourself and move through the world.  Improve relationships at home or at work. Widen your horizons.  Wake dormant expressive energy trapped inside you.

Wolf provides empowering solutions to clients with think-heavy hang-ups to amplify their inner self-worth and courage to express how they feel inside, wake dormant energies and expand their horizons.  He encourages clients to get past self-limiting perceptions, discover new ways to evoke their essence, tap authentic inner boudoir-grade courage, embody their own natural swagger so ultimately every client comes to feel more alive, both on and off camera.

He is a hardknox reality analyst and can be a valuable channel for you if you are ready to shift.