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Meet the Team

Don't just tone your body!  Feel alive in it; the one you're in now.  Don't repress, practice expressing your inner Cleopatra!  



In 2006, Tanya Lee worked with Wolf as a personal coach.  By 2010, they partnered to start Foxy Finish - a brand of unique femininity and sensuality inside-out makeover programs which focus on strengthening not just the body, but the relationship between mental health, body image and authentic self-expression.  

Wolf is a man of many talents, but for us he is a visual artist, behaviorist, and strategist - one who observes the behavioral patterns of the mind, shares insights into relationship dynamics, and offers us an understanding of what it is to be masculine and feminine on various layers.

As a videographer/lyricist, he values the beauty of rhythm and aesthetics, shapes and sounds, as essential sensual aspects of our deeper nature.  As a writer/analyst, Wolf has a keen understanding of human behavior, biases and blocks, and how individuals and groups interpret, understand and interact with all that surrounds them and turns them into their own worst critics.

Born and raised in California, he calls it as he sees it and brings a fresh male persepctive and helps our models tap their natural sexy factor on and off-camera.  


Tanya is the author of BodyArt Cookbook, and Alignment Secrets; and the founder and creator of the Power Align workout method.  She also facilitates an annual 200 hour Yoga Immersion and Certification recognized by the International Yoga Alliance.  In 2006, she partnered with Tantric Behaviorist, Wolf Lawrence to co-create Foxy Finish.

Since 1998, Tanya has been known for her successful 12 week body transformation programs that include a glamour photoshoot upon program completion.  Her broad range of experience and studies gives her a unique perspective on posture, eating habits, movement patterns, and how the body and mind respond to change.  With a background as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, yoga therapist, fitness model, pilates instructor, fusion bellydancer, and studio owner – Tanya Lee has been a key figure in the health and wellness scene since the late 90’s.  She’s instructed over 10,000 classes in pilates, yoga, and dance-fitness, and has successfully coached hundreds of people to achieve their body sculpting goals and to rehabilitate from low back pain.

Tanya’s philosophy is to balance authenticity, fitness, nutrition and mental well-being.  She believes that everyone should have a basic understanding of the mind-body connection, how the body operates and how our mind’s relationship with our body truly affects how we move through the world.  She currently lives in Calgary Alberta Canada staying busy customizing routines for private clients, certifying yoga instructors, researching, writing and teaching courses in ways that make the fundamentals easy to understand.  Visit her website here:  www.poweralign.com 


Shauna joined the Foxy Finish team in 2009 after completing a variety of Tanya's Power Align courses and programs.  In the process, a friendship developed through a common interest in bellydance.  Tanya and Wolf both recognized Shauna's unique "eye for style", and Shauna naturally became their "go-to girl-friday" for all things style related.  

Shauna is a second-generation stylist who worked her first salon job at the age of 12.   Always eager to learn and explore, Shauna's experience in the industry is expansive -  from spearheading her own Atomic Beauty Bar Salon to employment in a broad spectrum of vocations including work in cosmetics for MAC, Chanel and Shiseido, as well as television production, and public relations.  She is currently employed as a regional account manager for NARS. 

Shauna graduated University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, continued on to Marvel College of Hair Design, and upgraded her training through Suki’s Academy in Vancouver, BC.  She is influenced by the work of Vidal Sassoon, Coco Chanel, Linda Mason, Kevyn Aucoin, Vivienne Westwood, David Bowie, Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, and Vivienne MacKinder.  Inspired by the discipline required for the practice of mastering a craft, Shauna, always strives for a higher degree of precision and perfection in all she touches. 


Courtney has been a professional stylist for 7 years and has been taking care of Tanya’s hair since 2010.  It wasn’t long after before she was invited to be an official stylist for Foxy Finish.  Today, Courtney cares regularly for many of our Foxy Finish ladies in her chair at Influence Salon – A Wendy Belanger Salon.  Courtney’s signature style is inspired through bellydance, nature, art, culture and fashion.  She truly loves to do hair and is excited to express her newest inspirations at our Foxy Finish photoshoots!  

Courtney is a young artist with an old spirit.  She’s known her calling from a very young age - winning the high school cosmotology award 2 years in a row.  She graduated from Delmar College of Hair Design and immediately found her first mentor and inspiration with Pureology's International Artistic Director, Wendy Belanger, who is also the owner of Influence Salon in Calgary Alberta.  Other influential stylists include: Michael O'Rourke, Jonah Boyer, and Sam Villa.