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Photo Sessions

Don't just tone your body!  Feel alive in it; the one you're in now.  Don't repress, practice expressing your inner Cleopatra!  


let yourself feel good.  enjoy the experience.

We are proud to be your coaching team to help you let your inner fox out to play, to help you feel something new and vibrant as you venture out of your comfort zone, to venture into new territory and claim it.  We are here to coach, conjure, and capture the gorgeous moments as each adult woman embodies her soulful side, and unfolds her feminine persona on various dormant layers, at her own pace. 

We aim to see you relax into yourself, see your inner girly-girl express herself, see you feel and enjoy the experience.  The photos are ultimately a byproduct of the energy, the experience and trust in the room and what that team could conjure and unveil.

Your foxy coaches will be there with you as you embrace your inner expressive feminine essence, and as your personal discovery unfolds.  Foxy cameras will capture those rare moments on your personal journey, as you get comfortably vulnerable, and trust the unveiling process.  We will find ways to showcase your sensual feminine naturalness vs rely on heavy Photoshop tricks to hide or distort your most unique organic signature.

A shoot is like a slow striptease where a new level of innate primal confidence is discovered with each new layer of playfulness you reveal. 

All shoots and programs feature doses of salon-grade pampering which include detailed professional hair and makeup consultations where you'll learn how to feature your attributes rather than always trying to cover up or hide perceived imperfections as well as mojo activation bronzer rubs that will make you look and feel more alive, and bring out the natural shine in your skin tone. 

All of our shoots include a pre-shoot wardrobe consultation, professional hair and makeup by our talented beauty artists, half or full day of shooting, access to your digital images, 5 retouched photos.  Additional photos can be retouche at $20/ea and video can be available to study or enjoy as well.  You can then use your photos to create a Little Black Book, a Private Calendar or any other products available on this site.



We believe in authentic photography.  Our private photo shoot experience is all about you, and our focus is to bring out your unique essence.  We create a 'foxy' environment so that you can relax into your element and allow your feminine mojo to shine through!

Photos aside, our private photoshoots are often referred to as therapeutic because women feel alive and transformed by the experience itself.