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Hi Wolf and Tanya,  
Thanks you so much for the shoot on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I am always so flattered with the invitation to shoot as well as just being able to hang with you two!  I always feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to meet, and now have you as part of my life.  You do an amazing job of making a girl feel her foxy, fierce, sexy self while always so comfortable.  Never thought in all my years i'd be parading around in my underwear with so much confidence.  Thank you for that!  Well I can't wait to see the photos!!! 
~ Kelsey Banks, mom, hairstylist, BFF figure champ

I saw the foxy finish photos online, and hanging in the studio, and thought getting a boudoir-inspired photoshoot done would be a great anniversary present for my boyfriend.  Being a naturally shy person, at first I was apprehensive about being in front of the camera.  But Wolf and Tanya have a way of making you feel so good and so comfortable, that you can`t help but forget about whatever is on your mind at the time.  I had so much fun and the pictures turned out beautifully.   I would highly recommend this team to anyone wanting to have some fabulous photos and a wonderful experience!  
~ Julie Franklin 


Book your photo shoot now! Foxy Finish has a way of capturing essence!  You'll be surprised at how relaxed and confident you will feel! 
~ Shawna Ferguson  (copied from Shawna's facebook post)


Connect to your own innate "wisdom" and reach your goals with grace.  I highly recommend Foxy Finish programs if you are looking for "more"... more peace, more fun, more long term shifts in perspective, or to feel more connected.  Learn how to relax into yourself, stop fighting nature's rhythms, and settle into soulful sensuality. 
~ Shauna Sky, mom, trainer, BFF figure champ, former world-class athlete

Every woman deserves to see themselves through the lens of "Foxy Finish".  It will change the way you see yourself. This friendly and welcoming duo, Tanya and Wolfgang, have a unique eye for feminine beauty that will boost your confidence.  I had so much fun with them during the photo shoot, I said I would call them up again for another, just so we could play together again!  They did an outstanding job for my promotional photos and I would highly recommend "Foxy Finish" for personal or professional photographs. 
~ Andi Macdonell, artist